Simply put,

Amiable and energetic, I am a twenty-two-year-old student working as a:
Sports Coach / Mystery Shopper / Marketing Automation Strategist etc.

Sports Coach.

Sports that I am able to teach & coach include Swimming, Flyball, Floorball and Kin-ball.
Having been a sports coach for more than 2 years, not only have I got the experience to teach schoolchildren aged from 3 to 12, I also take charge of the swimming team and life-saving team of a local band one secondary school for their inter-school swimming competitions (Division 1) and All HK Inter-Secondary Schools Life-saving Competition.
Speaking of teaching schoolchildren, I believe that edutainment boosts students' sense of involvement whilst it also arouses students' interest in learning new sports. Therefore, my lessons are designed to deliver sports techniques through a certain extent of entertainment.
I have the attitude, skills and enthusiasm to teach/coach anyone who are interested in sports!

Mystery Shopper.

A dissatisfied customer will tell between 9-15 people about their experience and spread a negative word of mouth about a service.[1] This research reflects why most market leaders hire mystery shoppers to optimize customer experience and thus enhance customers' loyalty.

I have carried out mystery shop audits from different industries, i.e. from convenience stores to multinational retail and foodservice chains.
Holding a Mystery Shopping Level 1 Certification*, I can precisely pinpoint exactly what you need to satisfy customers.

I and my team members provide mystery auditing service with detailed feedbacks (Chinese or English available) which allows you to identify the strengths and weaknesses of your company.

Besides, we provide Benchmarking Service and Price Audit so that you can examine which aspects your company are better and worse than your competitors, which in the long term, gaining satisfaction from customers by boosting the quality of service and thus give you a competitive edge over your competitors.

Trust me, it's never too late. What are you waiting for? Contact me for collaboration!

[1]Chu, Y., Vasquez-Parraga, A. Z., & Ma, J. (2018). Antecedents of store loyalty among Chinese customers. International Journal of Business, 23(2), 151-165.
*MSPA Asia/Pacific Online Certification Level 1, Issued by: Mystery Shopping Professionals Association Asia/Pacific

Marketing Automation Strategist.

  • Is your company an SME and has insufficient manpower in marketing?
  • Wondering how to boost the repeat purchase rate?
  • Struggling to set up a chatbot for your Facebook page?
  • Encountering difficulty to generate more leads even you have purchased an email database and been exchanging business cards in business chambers and breakfast meetings?
Skills that I master include:
  • Drip email marketing (with CRM tools)
  • Chatbot setup on social media platforms
  • Giving incentives to web leads on landing page
  • Suggesting proper ways to start a Webinar and techniques to close a sale

  • I would be grateful if I can put what I have learnt into practice.
    For details, please drop me a message!

What's more?

Contact me to know more about me!

Some significant Certifications & Qualifications include:

    Water Sports:

  • HKASA Registered Coach (Swimming)
  • HKASA Registered Official (Swimming)
  • HKASA Registered Judge (Artistic Swimming)
  • HKSCA: Swim Teacher's Certificate - Level 1
  • HKASA: Swimming Official Certificate
  • HKASA: Artistic Swimming Judge Certificate
  • Swimming Pool Care-Maintenance Certificate, Hong Kong Water and Wastewater Treatment Association
  • * HKASA - Hong Kong Amateur Swimming Association; HKSCA - Hong Kong Swimming Coaches Association

    Land Sports:

  • Registered Senior Instructor, Hong Kong Floorball Association
  • Registered Level 1 Coach, Hong Kong Kin-Ball Association
  • Registered Flyball Instructor, Hong Kong Flyball Association
  • Floorball Activity Instructor Certificate, Hong Kong Floorball Association
  • Flyball Assistant Coach Certificate, Hong Kong Flyball Association
  • Foundation Certificate, Hong Kong Flyball Association
  • Kin-Ball Level 1 Coach Certificate, Hong Kong Kin-Ball Association
  • Kin-Ball School Coach Certificate, Hong Kong Kin-Ball Association
  • Tug-of-war Sportsman Elementary Certificate, Hong Kong Tug of War Association
  • Registered Level 1 Umpire (2018-2019), Hong Kong Tennis Association

  • First Aid & Life Saving:

  • Registered Examination Leader, HKLSS
  • First Aid Specialty Course on Sports Emergencies Certificate, Hong Kong St. John Ambulance
  • Mental Health First Aid (Standard) Certificate, The Mental Health Association of Hong Kong
  • Open Water Rescue Basic Certificate, HKLSS
  • Certificate in First Aid, HKLSS
  • Certificate in Aquatic First Aid, HKLSS
  • Pool Lifeguard Award Certificate, HKLSS
  • * HKLSS - The Hong Kong Life Saving Society


  • Campaign Manager Certification, Google
  • Marketing Automation Consultant Certificate, Marketing Automation Association
  • Shopper Certification Level 1, Mystery Shopping Professionals Association Asia/Pacific
  • Google Ads Search Certification
  • Google Ads Fundamentals Certification

*Please kindly note that the list is not exhaustive in listing out all achievements and certificates.
For details, please contact me or visit my LinkedIn profile


Marketing Automation
Information Technology

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Meet my Team!

My team members are all responsible and vigorous young people who are studying B.A., B.B.A., B.SocSc., B.Sc., LLB at universities in Hong Kong.
They receive professional training on a regular basis and conduct briefings before they start a new case just for one reason - to strive their best for every task they receive.
We truly believe that only by serving our clients with heart can we help our clients out with their current situation. Therefore, if you are looking for some young people to work with you, we certainly would be your choice!