Sports Coaching

I have been coaching since 2018.

Why Sports Coaching?

As a sports coach, my mission is to create an inclusive environment where students are inspired to enjoy the thrill of sports and grow together.

My coaching philosophy is centered around nurturing a student-focused environment that prioritizes physical, mental, and social well-being. Through the inevitable ups and downs of competition, students learn to cope with adversity, developing resilience and determination. As they strive for success, they also forge strong bonds with their teammates, experiencing the power of sports as a catalyst for socialization.

I take pride in introducing new sports (such as Flyball, Kinball and Floorball) to students, as it offers a unique opportunity for everyone to start at the same level. By learning new sports together, students who may have felt disadvantaged in traditional sports like basketball or football can now discover their potential and build their confidence in a fair and exciting setting. This approach also piques students’ curiosity, encouraging them to explore different types of sports in the future.

Join me on this exciting journey, where together, we will observe and witness the happiness that sports bring to our future pillars, and unlock the endless possibilities that sports have to offer through the exploration of new and engaging sports experiences.

Sports that I Teach & Coach

Selected Qualifications:
  • World Aquatics Swimming Coach Level 2
  • Registered Coach (Swimming), Hong Kong China Swimming Association
  • Registered Official (Swimming), Hong Kong China Swimming Association
  • Swim Teacher’s Certificate – Level 1, Hong Kong Swimming Coaches Association 
  • Swimming Official Certificate, Hong Kong China Swimming Association
Selected Qualifications:
  • Examination Leader, The Hong Kong Life Saving Society
  • Pool Lifeguard Management Certificate, The Hong Kong Life Saving Society
  • The results of the life-saving team of a band-one school under my coaching and guidance:
    • 4th in Boys Senior grade (among 26 schools) and 6th in Boys overall (among 30 schools) in 2022
Selected Qualifications:
  • Registered Flyball Instructor, Hong Kong Flyball Association
  • Flyball Assistant Coach Certificate, Hong Kong Flyball Association


Selected Qualifications:
  • Registered Level 1 Coach, Hong Kong Kin-Ball Association
  • Kin-Ball School Coach Certificate, Hong Kong Kin-Ball Association


Selected Qualifications:
  • Registered Senior Instructor, Hong Kong Floorball Association
  • Floorball Activity Instructor Certificate, Hong Kong Floorball Association