Lifesaving Coach

Since 2019, I have been coaching the lifesaving team of a band-one secondary school in Hong Kong.

Lifesaving Coaching Services

With over 5 years of experience as a competitive lifesaver, I am delighted to offer my elite lifesaving coaching services specifically tailored for school teams looking to excel in the dynamic world of competitive lifesaving sports. My passion for nurturing young talent, combined with my extensive knowledge of advanced lifesaving techniques ensures that team members receive top-tier instruction, support, and resources.


In addition to coaching, I am able to provide school teams with essential competitive lifesaving equipment, such as fins, manikins, and rescue tubes, ensuring that students have access to the best tools to enhance their performance during training sessions and competitions.


My coaching approach is designed to cater to each team’s unique dynamic, focusing on developing essential competitive lifesaving skills. I strive to create an inspiring, challenging, and safe training environment where students can push their limits and achieve their collective goals.


Whether your school team is new to the realm of competitive lifesaving or seasoned athletes seeking to refine their skills and climb the ranks, my coaching services and equipment provision will equip them with the tools and guidance necessary to excel in the exhilarating world of lifesaving sports.

Selected Qualifications

  • Registered Examination Leader, The Hong Kong Life Saving Society
  • Pool Lifeguard Award Certificate, The Hong Kong Life Saving Society
  • Pool Lifeguard Management Certificate, The Hong Kong Life Saving Society
  • Open Water Rescue Basic Certificate, The Hong Kong Life Saving Society

Under my guidence and coaching, the lifesaving team has consistently achieved impressive results in the All Hong Kong Inter-Secondary Schools Life Saving Competition:

  • 2023: Boys Senior grade ranked 4th (among 30 schools) and Boys overall ranked 7th (among 30 schools)
  • 2022: Boys Senior grade ranked 4th (among 26 schools) and Boys overall ranked 6th (among 30 schools)
  • 2021: Boys B grade ranked 4th (among 20 schools) and Boys overall ranked 5th (among 23 schools)
  • 2020: Competition cancelled due to COVID-19
  • 2019: Boys A grade, B grade, and Boys overall ranked 5th (among 24 schools)


Lifesaving Team

As the coach of a lifesaving team, my top priority is to expertly train and prepare swimmers for the All Hong Kong Inter-Secondary Schools Life Saving Competition. I take pride in guiding each athlete towards success by utilizing a comprehensive approach that includes:

  • Planning and implementing customized training programs to suit each swimmer’s unique needs and abilities
  • Sharpening swimmers’ lifesaving techniques through observation, demonstration, and constructive feedback
  • Procuring essential equipment for the team, such as high-quality fins, ensuring they are well-equipped for optimal performance

If you’re in search of an experienced and results-driven lifesaving team coach in Hong Kong, don’t hesitate to reach out to me for further information. Discover how my expertise can elevate your team’s performance and transform them into formidable lifesaving athletes.

HKD 0 up
This rate applies to a 60-minute training session

The rate may vary depending on the location, the number and level of the swimmers, etc. Each session shall last for at least 2 hours.

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